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My name is Jeff Greenberg and I'm a longtime software developer who is currently seeking opportunities in iOS mobile app development where my newly acquired Swift programming language skills may be utilized. I’m interested in bringing my new skills and 20+ years of software development experience to pursue contract, collaborative, or employment situations.



  • Developed as an aid for educators to easily access CCSS standards, particularly by subject and grade level.
  • Site features a simplified RESTful API to the CCSS, including a tutorial and code for an application.
  • Additionally users can download PDFs and word processing DOC files.
  • MVC framework
  • Written in PHP/Yii, JavaScript/jQuery, MySQL, HTML5, CSS.

Common Core Viewer

  • A Common Core viewer that utilizes the AccessToCommonCore.com API
  • Simple clean and responsive design.
  • Easy way to view the standards by subject and grade
  • Standards link to different sites via settings options.
  • Written in HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery.

Common Core Visualizer

  • A Common Core visualizer that utilizes the AccessToCommonCore.com API
  • A unique way to view the structure of the common core standards.
  • Uses SVG and the D3js visualization library.
  • Written in D3js with HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery

ViaTest: Instructional Management System

  • ViaTest is a comprehensive instructional management system for assessing and tracking student progress on state standards. ViaTest can automatically generate tests to assess a student's mastery on any testable standard. Tests can be scored instantly and reports are generated for both the student and the teacher. Student's mastery for each standard is tracked on a continuous basis and cumulative reports can be printed on demand for students, teachers, curriculum specialists, test coordinators, and administrators.
  • Began development in 1998.
  • Written in Visual Basic, utilizes SQL via OLE-DB to access a variety of back-end databases.

BookSharp: Reading Incentive System

  • Software system for assessment, tracking and reporting of student achievement in reading books.
  • Functional overview:
    • book quiz maintenance
    • student maintenance and tracking
    • randomized quiz
    • online quiz deployment and scoring
    • tracking and reporting by, student, class, grade, and school
    • certificate printing
  • Developed content for 3500 books.
  • Sold turnkey software package to 350 schools.
  • Designed and developed proprietary database system.
  • Written in C language.
  • Sold the rights to Sylvan Learning.
  • Sylvan redeployed the system as BookAdventure.com.


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Educators’ Computer Software

Co-Founder - 1988 to present

  • Co-founded Educators' Computer Software to develop instructional and curriculum management software systems for educational institutions.
  • Personally designed and developed four trademark product lines: TABS, BookSharp, TestLynx, and ViaTest.
  • Designed and developed scores of application modules.
  • Managed the development of assessment content.
  • Ran all day-to-day operations including:
    • design
    • development
    • sales lead generation
    • sales support
    • product installation
    • software maintenance and support


Software Developer


Swift PHP JavaScript jQuery MySQL HTML5 CSS AS3(Flash) VB6 SQL C


Cocoa Touch Yii WordPress .Net


Xcode Sublime Visual Studio Aptana CS3


William Paterson College

Business Administration. Minor in Computer Science.

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